International Pole Dance Fitness Association

Why Register Your Centre?

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Centering on Excellence!

IPDFA Centre Membership gives institutions providing pole dance services peace of mind and updated with all things new in pole.

On Call Support and Advice

If you are a centre or studio providing facilities for pole dancing classes, workshops, seminars etc, the IPDFA membership will offer support and advice for any difficulties you might experience running a centre for pole dancing. The IPDFA will be on call to all registered centres to assist in promoting and exposing your centre, by way of website and advertising guidance. As an IPDFA member, resources for building and advancing your space are readily available.

Representation and Endorsement

IPDFA will represent and endorse your centre. Centres are able to highlight and publicise new ventures and initiatives with the monthly newsletter available for all members. This is great not only for those wanting to share and exhibit what they are doing, but is also beneficial for everyone else, who gets the chance to pick up on and learn from the new ideas that other centres are trialing.

Professional Networking

As with instructor membership, the membership database puts you in touch with reputable instructors that are in your area if, for example, you may want to run a specialized workshop. It also presents you with many media options and listings for running your centre.

Centre Membership is highly advantageous for your centre and fills you with ideas and brings you the know-how on how to make your centre work!

The cost of centre membership is US$200 for 1 year or US$350 for 2 years, and includes the following:

  • Free Pole Positions book
  • Electronic member certificate (hard copy option at extra cost)
  • Web banner
  • Membership number
  • Access to our exclusive Members Corner for resources (e.g. tips and know-how)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • New member monthly highlight (website)
  • Listings on Members Locator (iPhone app coming soon)
  • Discounts and wholesale opportunities (for merchandise and products, etc)
  • Referral and exposure to media database
  • 1 FREE Instructor membership
  • $10 discount on further instructor memberships
  • Access to accreditation