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Pole Position Book

IPDFA Pole Position Book, compiled as a joint effort by the greatest pole authorities from around the World. The first edition was met with unprecedented enthusiasm by the international pole community, and the latest edition updates all the latest moves from the competitors in the IPC and other competitions globally.
Accredited by IPDFA, IPSF, PFA, AAA Visit Website



Reconnect with friends and meet your pole idols all weekend long while exploring the exciting expo floor displaying our industries latest products by the best developers. Pole Expo from 4 – 7 September 2014
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Pole Dance Fitness Qualifications

Dance and fitness professionals have undertaken IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses internationally since 2008. Our qualifications are awarded by Viva Vertical and accredited by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association​, Aerial Arts Association​ and​ Fitness Australia.
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International Pole Championships

In this corner you will read about the latest news surrouding the International PoleChampionship (IPC) is a competition organized annually by International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The IPC is the first pole competition to introduce both men and disabled divisions. Winners of national championships are granted entry to this championship. Undiscovered talents are encouraged to submit a video entry via the IPC website. All semi finalists stand a chance to gain online votes and win the title Pole Idol, along with sponsorship to the Grand Finals. Visit Website



Registration for our prestigious IPDFA awards is closed. Nominees for: Pole Industry Person of the Year * Pole Studio of the Year * Pole Instructor of the Year * Pole Choreographer of the Year * Pole Performer of the Year * will be announce in April 2013.

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Competition Scoring System

e-PoleJudge designs and scores competitions with instant results. ​ ​ Easily create,design and judge a competition with all your own specs using our ePJ flexi-template Visit Website

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How to Reach us at IPDFA

The best place to stay up to date with IPDFA and IPC updates is via our Facebook pages. We welcome your comments and queries, so please feel free to connect with us via our facebook page or use the email form on this Contact page.

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IPDFA Videos

IPDFA has been covered by international media. Articles covering the International Pole Championships (IPC) and interviews with pioneers of the sport have been reported on worldwide mass media, including: ABS News, Association Press, CBS News, Fashion TV, Fox TV, CNN, Herald Tribune, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, NY Post, Sport Illustrated, Standard, The Star, Washington Post and other interna
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Monday December 15th, 2014 - 10:12 pm

How is this as the ultimate Christmas wish for polers? Count how many references to our favourite pole artists you hear! And who can spot the Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine under the Christmas tree!?? Awesome work - thanks so much to these Sydney polers who came together to create such an incredible gift for us all! ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday December 11th, 2014 - 9:46 pm

Did you know.... Russian pole darling Anastasia Skukhtorova has recently moved her permanent home base to the USA, to join her fiancé, Sal Salangsang, at his home. Both perform in the exceptional Cirque Le Noir production, which is set to return to Australian in 2015.
To celebrate Anastasia's new home, Volare is offering all USA residents this fantastic offer:
**Purchase Issue 2&3, which are now on sale for just $16.00 together - order yours now @ **

Anastasia was the Volare cover artist for Issue 2. Inside we explored this exquisite dancer's journey to where she is now at Le Noir. She entered the pole competition circuit in 2009, around six months after she first took up pole dance. And, naturally, it was with enough finesse and impact, that she was immediately awarded 2nd place in the Professional category. From there, the captivating artist began to collect titles like she was born to do it, including 2nd runner up in Pole World Cup 2011; 2nd runner up in Pole Art 2011 and most significantly, the Winner of 2nd Pole World Cup 2012/2013.

Anastasia often exclaims that pole has changed her life, and it has done so in more ways than she usually elaborates. She is completely absorbed not only in discovering how she can challenge herself and push her own physical and mental boundaries on the pole, but she is equally as passionate about the people she meets. And regardless of how many around the World, this sweetheart remembers all the people she meets, greeting everyone like family the next time their paths cross.

In fact, it's thanks to pole, that Anastasia first met and fell in love with Sal. In 2011, her friend Evgeny was performing alongside Sal in an American circus production, and Anastasia stayed with the artists, watching rehearsals, practising and falling in love with Sal. It was not the right time, because Anastasia was already in a relationship, and she kept her feelings hidden. Fate stepped in, however, in August this year, when Anastasia was offered a pole act in Cirque Le Noir's Australian shows. And Sal, of course, happened to be the adored MC/Clown. In Brisbane, this was when their love blossomed, and he proposed to her the following month in Las Vegas (after Pole Expo).

Now, the pair live and train together, and next year will travel together with Le Noir. The ultimate dream come true!

Read more about Anastasia's training days and her view on stretching - buy issue 2&3 are now on sale for just $16.00 - order yours now @

If you are not in USA, don't worry - you can purchase via:

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Australia and Asia Pacific –
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Monday November 24th, 2014 - 8:51 pm

Attention Studio Owners and Managers: What do you have in your waiting area to keep your students occupied while they wait for their class? Instead of just the standard woman’s or generic fitness magazines, what about something that is tailored to the pole and aerial industry? If you can offer something interesting in the waiting times between classes, your students are more likely to stick around and attend more classes. Besides, offering pole specific news and information to your students shows you have your finger on the pulse of the industry.

That’s why you need to buy Volare today and get it delivered to your studio.
Volare offers a completely fresh approach to a phenomenal international industry that is constantly creating and evolving. Experience the pole and aerial arts industry from the perspective of an artist, a competitor, a student, a studio owner/instructor, and those who work on the creative process behind the scenes.

Endorsed and supported by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA), Volare values quality, informative and entertaining journalism, together with impressive high quality images that magnificently illustrate our art form.

Gracie Buntine is on the cover of Issue 3. Australia’s Gracie is one of those few dancers who can convey both a character and an emotion intertwined through her movement. Gracie has earned a very rich and technical dance training background in ballet, commercial, hip hop, swing, musical theatre and, of course, pole.

“I would like to be known as a pole chameleon. When my name is announced, I would love for people to think, ‘wow, I don’t know what she is going to do, but I know it’s going to be something special.’”

Experience Gracie’s magic here:


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Thursday November 20th, 2014 - 9:12 pm

Is it Friday already? Only 4 more days to go until the Pole Position Book sale is over!
Use the link below to buy the book with free shipping! (Thats almost 10USD off!!).
We ship internationally!
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Monday November 17th, 2014 - 10:12 pm

Imagine that you are in a workshop with your pole mentor. She/he is about to explain an awesome unique move to you and the class, and it starts with a really common basic hold. When your pole mentor demonstrates it, everyone shouts out a different name for this particular basic hold, and then what proceeds is a useless discussion about the name of the move, taking up unnecessary time during your workshop.

As the pole industry expands internationally, and more pole competitions are established, it is increasingly important that we, as an industry, develop a universal language to make it easier for students, instructors, judges and competitors.

Volare Magazine Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine includes a 2 page spread by terminology expert Cindy Cooijmans each issue which explores a different move and its variations. Cindy discusses the move’s history and gives a name to each of the variations that can be created from the one basic stand-alone move – either a spin, hold, pose or invert. Issue 3 describes the Cupid and 6 variations suitable for advanced and flexy pole dancers.

Cindy Cooijmans is also the IPDFA Officer of Terminology, and has helped to create the Pole Position Book, the second version contains more than 450 pictures of pole moves.


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