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Pole Position Book

IPDFA Pole Position Book, compiled as a joint effort by the greatest pole authorities from around the World. The first edition was met with unprecedented enthusiasm by the international pole community, and the latest edition updates all the latest moves from the competitors in the IPC and other competitions globally.
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Reconnect with friends and meet your pole idols all weekend long while exploring the exciting expo floor displaying our industries latest products by the best developers. Pole Expo from 4 – 7 September 2014
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Pole Dance Fitness Qualifications

Dance and fitness professionals have undertaken IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses internationally since 2008. Our qualifications are awarded by Viva Vertical and accredited by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association​, Aerial Arts Association​ and​ Fitness Australia.
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International Pole Championships

In this corner you will read about the latest news surrouding the International PoleChampionship (IPC) is a competition organized annually by International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The IPC is the first pole competition to introduce both men and disabled divisions. Winners of national championships are granted entry to this championship. Undiscovered talents are encouraged to submit a video entry via the IPC website. All semi finalists stand a chance to gain online votes and win the title Pole Idol, along with sponsorship to the Grand Finals. Visit Website



Registration for our prestigious IPDFA awards is closed. Nominees for: Pole Industry Person of the Year * Pole Studio of the Year * Pole Instructor of the Year * Pole Choreographer of the Year * Pole Performer of the Year * will be announce in April 2013.

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Competition Scoring System

e-PoleJudge designs and scores competitions with instant results. ​ ​ Easily create,design and judge a competition with all your own specs using our ePJ flexi-template Visit Website

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IPDFA Videos

IPDFA has been covered by international media. Articles covering the International Pole Championships (IPC) and interviews with pioneers of the sport have been reported on worldwide mass media, including: ABS News, Association Press, CBS News, Fashion TV, Fox TV, CNN, Herald Tribune, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, NY Post, Sport Illustrated, Standard, The Star, Washington Post and other interna
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Wednesday July 16th, 2014 - 9:25 pm

Australian Pole Powerhouse Carlie Hunter.

From consecutive Australian Pole Champion and 2012 International Pole Championship (IPC) Ultimate Doubles Champion (together with Travis Scott), X-Pole Australia, Dry Hands and Bad Kitty Ambassador, IPDFA 2012 Choreographer of the Year Award, as well as her exceedingly popular and convincing alter egos as the Granny and Mexican Carlos, Carlie has been making some serious waves.

It may seem, from an international perspective, that Carlie stormed out of nowhere into the global pole arena, breaking down barriers and smashing stereotypes with a pocketful of surprises and intimidating elbow grip moves. However, this is actually not the case. Carlie, a renowned freestyle dancer, first discovered pole back in 2005, and won her first title, Miss Pole Dance South Australia, in 2007.

Learn more about her rise to international award-winning pole superstardom in Issue 2 of Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine.

US residents purchase here:
Australian residents and all other countries purchase here:
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Saturday June 21st, 2014 - 8:33 pm

Queensland Pole Championships Professionals, Amateurs and Group on June 28th, 7pm
Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre, Dundas Street, Ormiston

Performances by Gracie Buntine and Amber Ray
Special performance by Academy of Brothers Dance Team
emcee Kat Davidson (Comedian)

Tickets can be purchased here
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Monday June 16th, 2014 - 8:41 pm

IPDFA is proud to announce that Issue 2 of Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine is now for sale. It features cover artist Anastasia Skukhtorova - World Champion, and the Ultimate Pole Dance Dichotomy.

Volare will be for sale at the North American Pole Dance Championships (Mighty Grip booth) where judges Allison Sipes and Phoenix Kazree (who feature in the magazine) will be available to sign copies of the magazine. It will also be for sale at Pole Expo in Las Vegas, at both the Mighty Grip booth and Pole Fitness World booth.

This issue features International Pole Championship 2013 Ultimate Doubles Winners, Enchanted, as well as IPC 2012 Ultimate Men’s Champion, Chris Measday and his stunning Mexican wife. Get your copy to read more about Crystal Lai, Lou Landers, Australian Pole Powerhouse Carlie Hunter, Cirque du Soleil star Brandon Pereyda, and arguably the pole’s industry’s most photogenic dancer, Suwasit.

Grab yours now..
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Australian residents and all other countries
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Tuesday June 10th, 2014 - 10:12 pm

International Pole Championship 2012 Ultimate Champion in Women's Division and IPC 2013 Finalist - Oona K.
Storyline: You can run, you can hide but you'll never escape the fear of darkness in everyone's mind.
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Monday June 2nd, 2014 - 10:18 pm

International Pole Championship 2013 Pole Fit Champion in Women's Division - Pink Puma
Storyline:"The story of this performance is simple. Everything you'll see on stage and everything you'll feel is real. There are no masks and flams. Every single time it's new energy, new passion, new Polina. Live, Love and let the Opportunities turn your dreams into reality!"
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