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Pole Position Book

IPDFA Pole Position Book, compiled as a joint effort by the greatest pole authorities from around the World. The first edition was met with unprecedented enthusiasm by the international pole community, and the latest edition updates all the latest moves from the competitors in the IPC and other competitions globally.
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Reconnect with friends and meet your pole idols all weekend long while exploring the exciting expo floor displaying our industries latest products by the best developers. Pole Expo from 4 – 7 September 2014
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Pole Dance Fitness Qualifications

Dance and fitness professionals have undertaken IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses internationally since 2008. Our qualifications are awarded by Viva Vertical and accredited by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association​, Aerial Arts Association​ and​ Fitness Australia.
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International Pole Championships

In this corner you will read about the latest news surrouding the International PoleChampionship (IPC) is a competition organized annually by International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The IPC is the first pole competition to introduce both men and disabled divisions. Winners of national championships are granted entry to this championship. Undiscovered talents are encouraged to submit a video entry via the IPC website. All semi finalists stand a chance to gain online votes and win the title Pole Idol, along with sponsorship to the Grand Finals. Visit Website



Registration for our prestigious IPDFA awards is closed. Nominees for: Pole Industry Person of the Year * Pole Studio of the Year * Pole Instructor of the Year * Pole Choreographer of the Year * Pole Performer of the Year * will be announce in April 2013.

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Competition Scoring System

e-PoleJudge designs and scores competitions with instant results. ​ ​ Easily create,design and judge a competition with all your own specs using our ePJ flexi-template Visit Website

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How to Reach us at IPDFA

The best place to stay up to date with IPDFA and IPC updates is via our Facebook pages. We welcome your comments and queries, so please feel free to connect with us via our facebook page or use the email form on this Contact page.

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IPDFA Videos

IPDFA has been covered by international media. Articles covering the International Pole Championships (IPC) and interviews with pioneers of the sport have been reported on worldwide mass media, including: ABS News, Association Press, CBS News, Fashion TV, Fox TV, CNN, Herald Tribune, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, NY Post, Sport Illustrated, Standard, The Star, Washington Post and other interna
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Tuesday August 18th, 2015 - 9:13 pm

Vote and come to the IPC 2015 with your Pole Idol!

In a pole industry first, one lucky pole fan will be selected to fly to Hong Kong with their Pole Idol, attend all of the exciting industry parties and events, and watch the world’s elite pole stars take to the stage to battle it out for the coveted titles.

Win Sponsorship!
All you have to do to win your place at the most talked about pole event this year is vote for your Pole Idol using THE on-line form on your favorite competitor's page. Not only will you be helping to ensure your Pole Idol gets through to the finals, but you could even be joining them, together with the World’s Pole Royalty, at the only place anyone in the industry wants to be in November this year.

The competition is two-fold. The Pole Idol winner (competitor) will win flights* to Hong Kong, accommodation* and Granted Entry to the finals. The Pole Idol Fan also wins flights* to Hong Kong, backstage passes and a VIP ticket to watch all of their Pole Stars compete at IPC.* Terms and Conditions apply.

The Pole Idol Voting will be open till 31st of August 2013.

Check out all the semi-finalists and cast your vote!
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Monday August 17th, 2015 - 11:24 pm

This is a tribute to internationally renowned Director in the Arts, (Artistic Director for International Pole Championship 2012 and 2013) – Jerry Snell

Creative circus projects and creations in Asia were Jerry’s prime focus and passion. The pole community knew Jerry as IPC’s brilliantly talented artistic director. But there was a lot more to it than that. Jerry truly wanted to make a difference in social justice. Behind the scenes, he gave tirelessly of his time, energy and talent to allow underprivileged and at-risk street children in Asia a creative outlet and another chance at a happy productive life.


Jerry was so passionate about his pole family and contributed a lot over many years to IPDFA and the pole industry. Therefore, I am personally calling on all pole studios around the World to honour Jerry’s memory and life mission by organising a free pole/acro/circus class for local under-priviledged kids or kids with special needs.

I personally visited with the orphanage in Thailand where Jerry started circus classes. It was truly life-changing to witness how Jerry’s classes gave these kids (who were used to a life of street prostitution) hope for the future and fresh opportunities for a different life. I know that if you continue Jerry’s legacy by organising a free class as requested, you will feel blessed the same way I was, and your life won’t be the same again.

Jerry’s life mission was to give hope and teach skills to little ones who had suffered so much in their young life. I hope that together we can contribute something small to Jerry’s great life mission – in honour of his inspiring life and what he has contributed to our industry and the World at large.

Since the creation of the first New Circus Festival in Asia through the National Theatre of Taiwan’s 2006 Open Air Arts Festival, Jerry worked specifically to meet the demands of setting up projects and creations in Asia by linking the creative resources of his colleagues across the globe. Jerry’s central goal was to allow artists in Asia access to some of the leading International creators (and vice versa).

Together with IPDFA’s Vee Lea and Viva Circus, he created Collision Arts Asia to give a title to new emerging street art forms, acrobatics, hip hop and causes for social justice.

One of Jerry’s most important collaborations was Circus Action International – a program for Youth at Risk using circus and performing/ street arts as a tool for helping migrant, street children, working children, trafficked and victims of slave labour in Asia. This program is also part of Viva Circus community outreach project and runs under the title STREET ARTS FOR STREET KIDS. It is running in Bangkok with Childline Thailand and also in Vietnam with the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation (in collaboration with UNESCO). This is currently in expansion with the network ‘Asia Pacific Social Circus Association,’ which the Social Responsibility department of Cirque du Soleil- Cirque du Monde - has been following with very keen interest.

Jerry knew from a young age he was interested in the performing arts. When Kerry van der Helm (Editor of Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine) interviewed him for an article in the inaugural magazine issue, Jerry shared his journey into the creative arts.

“Since a teenager my interest was in street performance and rock music, and I was influenced by icons such as David Bowie who brought a very theatrical and visual performance style. My involvement with street performance led to experimental physical theatre to rock shows (bad guitar and vocal!), then composing music for dance shows, and then creating circus with live music. But when we started creating shows for audiences of over 10,000 people, I had to leave the music part behind, and just work as Artistic Director.”

Most important for Jerry was to be relentless artistically, so that all aspects of creation retained the passion and vision of the concept. One of his favourite collaborations was as IPC’s Artistic Director.

“With IPC, my exchanges have been that of an advisor up until the days of competition, and then it is intense coordinating the technical set up and also sharing time with the competitors to see how to best achieve the vision of their performance.”

“One important detail for Pole and Aerial Artists is to perform as much as possible with lights, and get used to working on stage, as this is your best support, aside from your music,” he told Kerry.

Until his untimely and traumatic passing last week, Jerry maintained that the most inspiring part of his work was the family he had created with all his co-artists, musicians, creators, directors, performers and social workers, in a network of people who freely communicate and support each other around the world, giving way to both audacious new performances, festivals, creations and social community programs for at-risk youth and their families.

It is this family who will most keenly feel his absence. It is our hope that Jerry’s influence and energy will continue to live on through creative arts in Asia, and the many important projects he worked on so tirelessly to set up and breathe life into.
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Friday July 31st, 2015 - 9:12 am

The list of semifinalists for the International Pole Championship 2015 will be announced 7th of August. ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday July 21st, 2015 - 12:25 am

Basic and Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Courses in Singapore are OPEN FOR ENROLMENT from now until 30 July!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to kick start your pole career or learn more about this one-of-a-kind dance sport.

1-28 August self-study
29th August In-Studio Beginner Course Practical Exam
30th August In-Studio Intermediate Course Practical Exam

In-Studio Venue: Groove Dance Studio @ Amara

To sign up visit:
If you have questions email:
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