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4.2 Association Membership

Pole Years Ahead!

IPDFA Association Membership is essential to have access to a full and comprehensive program for making your association a success!

Resources, Guidelines, Manuals and more…

Association membership gives you complete and direct access to all compliant resources and databases that IPDFA collates, audits and maintains. IPDFA has vast, well documented and quality assured information, crucial for those in the pole sports industry.

In addition to all the available information, you will be given access to licensing material and IPDFA’s training programs and data. IPDFA’s programs and guidelines on training courses are tried and tested, proven successful and readily available.

Whole training packages, with detail on what to teach, training props, music, support forums and other resources are integrated into the Association Membership. Consultation and manuals specifically designed for associations, championships and the likes, will offer education and supporting plans and frameworks for making your association profitable and successful.

IPDFA has taken the time, and been through the blood, sweat and tears in developing this framework so that you don’t have to!

As an association you are already part of a community devoted to making pole dancing an internationally acknowledged and legitimate sport. Using the IPDFA format for your association allows you to not only contribute to raising awareness of the sport but also to increase your own client base and attract more customers to your association.

The recognized and ever growing IPDFA represents a well-known and unified structure that brings your association into the world wide arena of pole dancing.

Association Membership is well worth the investment at only $450 and is inclusive of the following:

  • Ultimate association hand book, e.g. Manuals for associations, Championships, etc
  • Guidelines on training courses
  • Free Pole Position book
  • Access to Accreditation and Licensing
  • Electronic member certificate (hard copy option at extra cost)
  • Web banner
  • Membership number
  • $10 discount on instructor memberships
  • Access to members corner for resources (e.g. tips and know-how)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • New member monthly highlight (website)
  • Members Locator (iphone app coming soon)
  • Discounts and wholesale opportunities (for merchandise and products, etc)
  • Referral and exposure to media database

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