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Pole Dance Fitness Qualifications

Dance and fitness professionals have undertaken IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses internationally since 2008. Our qualifications are awarded by Viva Vertical and accredited by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association​, Aerial Arts Association​ and​ Fitness Australia.


IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are The Most Comprehensive Instructor Courses in our Industry. Students will qualify with an Internationally Recognised Certification.

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses have been Accredited by the most sought after Associations in the Industry.

  • Fitness Australia gain 15 CEC Points
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Pole Dance Community USA & UK
  • New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Federation of International Sport, Fitness & Aerobics
  • International Pole Fitness Association
  • Body Arts & Science International
  • Beijing Sport University Department of Sporting Performance
  • Yogasana
  • City University of Hong Kong School of Continuing & Professional Education
  • Aerial Arts Association

Becoming an IPDFA PolePro Instructor, you automatically gain Membership to IPDFA and the International Instructor Exchange Program.

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are easily accessible through online tutorials, each student is assigned a Master Trainer who will serve as a private tutor for their students.

We have recently added video webinars for each section of the course to further explain in detail examples of moves, spotting, and to help our students to gain a better understanding of the courses.

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses 3 day LIVE WORKSHOPS      (US $750)

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are now available in 3 day Live Workshops. We tend to work with groups of 10 or more students, hosted in a Local studio and of course the Studio gains Advertising and other perks.

Attending our live workshops helps for the student that likes to work in groups, ask loads of questions and enjoys the interaction of learning with other students.

Your Master Trainer will take you through the courseware over the duration of the weekend, students team up and design all exercises with the guidance of the Master Trainer being available to assist, advise and explain any queries that students may have.

The Live Courses involve loads of practical work and leaves plenty time for questions and answers.

Our Courses currently run wherever we have Master Trainer Availability, Please have a look at our Calendar to see if there is a course near you.

If you own a Studio and are interested in hosting a course or would like to attend a Live Course and do not see one near you, please write to us and let us know so that we can hopefully arrange one near you soon enough

We have developed our courses enabling you to promote yourself as a highly qualified and educated Instructor who will prove to be an outstanding teacher and an asset to any studio.

IPDFA PolePro Level 1 Course           (US $650)

Students are introduced to a background knowledge of the human anatomy & how our bodies work.

This course helps to gain an understanding of the broad spectrum of exercises available.

IPDFA PolePro Instructors are qualified to assess and design class plans, including warm ups & conditioning programmes to suit their students needs.

The Course provides a thorough understanding of how muscle groups work in unison, and how to distinguish necessary conditioning for their students

A major section is dedicated to the forces that influence movement to create a pole position or spin.

Different hand grips are broken down into why and how they are developed and a thorough understanding of the teaching and performing of spins is detailed.

Spotting, to prevent injury & a how to teach with the use of specific teaching points and understanding the role of the instructor.

All our students are sent a copy of the Pole Positions book providing over 300 pole moves enabling a syllabus for a new studio.

Students work their way through the course, gaining immense knowledge of how to recognise, prevent and work with injury.

IPDFA PolePro Intermediate Course         (US $650)

This course takes the student to a different dimension of training, teaching and understanding of the sport.

We elaborate on the mechanics of the sport, helping our Instructors to pinpoint instability, through a complete understanding of the forces that influence our sport, such as Balance, Mass, Centrifugal and Gravity.

It is on this level, that we begin to understand how balance together with Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity will have an immense influence on the outcome of performing combined moves, and understanding transitioning through bases of support.

We dedicate a full section of this course to inversions, understanding body alignment, how to perform this correctly and safely and how to teach inversions and laybacks, safely, correctly and with ease.

Our Intermediate IPDFA PolePro Instructors will have the knowledge to design full circuit programmes, we share indepth conditioning programs devised by Sports Scientists, endorsed by some of the most respected associations within our industry.

IPDFA Advanced Instructor Course        (US $650 )

As an Advanced IPDFA PolePro Instructor you will confidently have mastered the skills of training, teaching & specialising in subjects of importance like Base of support on an apparatus versus the continuity of the dance aspect of the sport.

Flow and Movement are subjects that greatly influence the Advanced Poler, being able to advise, and guide a performer/ competitor through a visual understanding of flow mechanics, movement, choreography, dance and balance.

In this advanced course, we share our expertise in understanding how triangular forces will play a massive part in balance.

Twisted grips, cupped grip, handsprings,shoulder mounting and aerial mounts are discussed at length, explained, and shown to help the instructor achieve these and in turn teach them correctly.

IPDFA PolePro Master Instructor Course.            (US $1500 per level)

Each Level has its own Master Certification Program

As an IPDFA PolePro Master Trainer you become a part of our worldwide team of expert trainers. Each level of Master traineeship furthers the technical knowledge of the Master Instructor. An in depth study focuses on topics such as injury, conditioning, designing a syllabus, teaching, the psychology of sport, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, movement, mechanics & science of pole fitness.

IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are taught by Master Trainers who have a full understanding of all components of the sport; Therefore they are equipped to provide their students with an understanding of the sport. Delivering ‘The Most Comprehensive Instructor Program available on the Market’

We have created an opportunity to Earn Money doing what you love, become a part of our respected team as an IPDFA PolePro Master Trainer and earn $$$

An opportunity to Qualify tomorrow’s IPDFA PolePro Instructors.

Package Deals

Level 1 – US $650

Level 1 & 2 – US $1150

Level 1, 2, 3 – US $1650

Levels 1-3 & Master Trainer Level 1- US $3000


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