International Pole Dance Fitness Association

Pro Poler 2013

Anna (Ania) Przeplasko, founder and director of International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) and International Pole Championship (IPC) is honoured to have recently been announced United Pole Artists Pro-Poler and Award Winner For Outstanding Contribution to Pole Sports by IPSF of the Year 2013.


United Pole Artists in an online media portal for the international pole community, bringing together and dispersing competition, industry, product, studio and event news. Members can access exclusive pole videos and live chat forums among other benefits. Every year a Pro-Poler of the Year is selected –someone who has contributed greatly to the growth of the sport in their country and beyond.

For those who weren’t aware, Ania was born in Poland to a sports and art-oriented family. She is a graduate of both the School of Sports Champions and Fashion Design College. She has participated in the Polish Youth Olympics and her eye for fashion has taken her around the world. However, it was in Japan where she worked as a photographer and fashion consultant that she later discovered the artistic and fitness value of pole dancing.

With her education and experience, Ania founded the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). At the forefront of the pole dance industry, the IPDFA is widely recognized for supporting pole dance schools and professional competitions, accrediting and training instructors, providing a network for current and future instructors and most importantly, organizing the International Pole Championship (IPC).

Some of her notable industry achievements include creating an opportunity for both men and disabled competitors to compete on an international stage; consulting on the development team of the first pole judging software and creating the “Pole Position” Book – a photo guide of pole moves.


  • International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) Founder
  • International Pole Championship (IPC) Creator
  • 2013′s Pro-Poler of the Year by United Pole Artists