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Pole Position Book


“Pole Positions” 2011, is the bible for pole dancers with over 200 photographs of poses and tricks presented by IPC champions. A catalogue of pole dance positions, from beginner to advanced, it is conveniently travel sized at A5 so that you can take it anywhere with you. The latest edition will be updated to include a doubles section and also the addition of new poses taking the number of positions included to over 300!

Over the years, the International Pole Championship (IPC) has identified some extraordinary talents within the pole community. Each future edition of “Pole Positions” will update readers on all the latest moves executed by competitors in the IPC and other competitions around the world.

“Pole Positions” is widely used to standardize instructor courses and competitions.

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Wholesale Price:

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1 module 6.15 cm width/ 5.65 cm height B&W: 50 USD

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4 modules 13.05 cm width/ 12.35 cm height B&W: 125 USD

6 modules 13.15 cm width/ 19.05 cm height B&W: 150 USD

All above A5: 14.8cm width / 21 cm height

Inside Front Cover Full Color 300 USD (hard paper)

Front Pages 3 and 4 Full Color 250 USD (regular paper)

Back Cover Full Color (hard paper)

Inside Back Cover Full Color 250 USD (hard paper)

Back Pages 3 and 4 Full Color (regular paper)

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