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In our member’s corner:

  • poleposition_book-picPole Position Book NEW
  • Strap the Knee
  • Pole Combo with Natalie Tekanawa
  • Preventing Shoulders with Manomedica – Part I
  • Pole Dance Routine with Marsha
  • Pole Position with Mai Sato Video Pole Moves with Mai Sato
  • New Pole Dance Routines
  • New Pole Positions
  • Pole Dance & Olympic Games
  • The Sun – Your Missing Link to Good Health. The Vitamin D Deficiency.
  • Injury prone? Protect yourself with taping tips.
  • Name that move.
  • New picture of Pole Positions for your book.
  • Video: with Yuko PoleFit Champion 2008 – 3 moves combo.

…and more!

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