International Pole Dance Fitness Association

FAQ Courses

1. Are there any age restrictions for signing up to pole classes?

Yes. Participants must be an adult over 18 years of age.

2. Are there any pole dancing course available at IPDFA?

Yes. You can sign up for IPDFA Online Courses suitable for beginners to advanced and professionals on You can also follow up our page to view upcoming face to face courses in different venues here

3. What are the courses available at IPDFA?

Pole Dance Fitness Beginner Instructor/ Intermediate Instructor/ Advance Instructor/ Master Instructor.

4. What are the benefits of Pole dance courses?

Get qualified and receive eligibility to qualify for IPDFA and Viva Vertical instructor support programs that will provide support for your ongoing training, career develop, employment opportunities, marketing and promotional resources. Option to receive certification accredited by Asian Academy for Sport and Fitness Professionals and Fitness Australia. Additionally most insurance companies will require a professional certificate to cover you.

5. What is the time duration of the pole dance courses?

Remote learning (online) minimum 3months, maximum 1 year from start of course. In-studio (example in IPC Singapore) minimum 1 month online study and 1 day in-studio practical exam.

6. Who will be conducting classes and are they properly qualified?

The classes will be conducted by IPDFA and Viva Vertical Master Instructors. They are recognised by four dance, sport and fitness bodies. These are the AAA, IPDFA, AASFP and Fitness Australia.

7. Do you offer online courses and provide certification on course completion?

Online courses are referred to as ‘Remote Learning’ courses based on studying online materials, manuals, workbooks, videos and tutorials in the comfort of your own home or studio with a good internet connection.

8. How can I register for the classes?

You can register for remote learning or in-studio courses on line HERE

9. Do you conduct classes on a regular basis and where will the classes be conducted?

IPDFA Online Courses are based on video tutorials accessed via the Internet from your personal computer. IPDFA also conducts face to face instructor courses – the schedule for these courses is listed HERE

10. What are the basis requirements to join and start pole dancing?

You must fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire form that states you are in good health. The form will be able to tell you if you need to seek medical advice before embarking on pole dancing.

11. Are there any separate courses for re-freshers and experienced candidates?

Yes. IPDFA Online Dance Classes cater for beginner, advanced to professional choreographies. Courses are open to those without and with fitness or pole dancing backgrounds. IPDFA welcomes all who want to learn about pole dancing, providing easy and safe access to learn. IPDFA Online Dance Classes will be launched soon.

12. I am a bit nervous and lack self-confidence; can I enrol and how will I find it?

Online remote learning classes and courses will be based on video tutorials and also remote access to a tutor via email, text chat and Skype voice calls. Our tutors will be able to guide you through finding and improving your inner and physical strength, and eventually leading you to feeling comfortable with increased confidence – at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or chosen studio. In-studio classes and courses will be based in a studio and you will have a tutor present that will be able to guide you through finding and improving your inner and physical strength, and eventually leading you to feeling comfortable with increased confidence

13. Do I have to start at the Beginner Level course?

This depends on whether you already hold a pole certification. If you have not, then yes, you do need to start at the beginner level. If you do, please send a scanned copy of the certification you have received and advise us as to what modules you have taken. We will then decide whether the course is recognized by the IPDFA.

14. Is pole dancing beneficial for fitness and health?

Pole Dancing is a physical activity. Like all physical activity, it will benefit your body’s fitness therefore overall health. Be sure to practice pole dancing in accordance to health and fitness industry guidelines (such as ACSM) and up to three to four time a week in order to achieve noticeable fitness and health benefits.

15. Is a Dance background essential for pole or can anyone practice without dance knowledge?

IPDFA understands that everyone has to start from somewhere and aims to welcome all those interested in pole dancing to get access to pole dancing. Therefore no dance experience is necessary, as our recommended tutors will be able to teach you how to pole dance – that is what they love to do!

16. I want to become a recognized pole instructor?

By joining IPDFA training or an endorsed course such as IPDFA -Viva Vertical Pole Fitness Beginner Instructor Course.

17. Do you directly conduct classes or have affiliate studios for the courses?

IPDFA recommends our recognized member studios.

18. When am I able to sign up/decide?

As soon as you are ready. The remote learning course is online and completed at the pace of the student. You can sign up HERE.
The In-studio course sign up is online and you can sign up HERE

19. What is the total cost of these two courses?

If you have no recognised dance sport or fitness qualifications, you must take the Beginner certification course for USD550 (remote learning) or USD650 (in-studio). Remote Learning gives you access to online course materials and the chance to pass within 12 months. In-Studio course needs to be studied in 2 stages: Stage 1 online studies for minimum 4 weeks, Stage 2 in-studio practical exam for 1 day.

20. How often do they run?

For remote learning courses you may start whenever you are ready, as studying is completed online. For in-studio courses please check out our dates and venues HERE

21. Are there any more modules after Beginner?

Intermediate, Advanced and Masters are available, which covers how to safely teach inversions, rotational mounts and dismounts.

22. Are these the only available courses, or are there any that are not online based – whereby you actually attend a location/studio for a period of time?

Yes IPDFA also holds non-online courses with affiliated partners. More details will be shared soon.

23. In average an online remote learning course will take 6 months to complete? Is this time set? Is there any way to bypass/expedite this timetable?

You may go through the modules as fast as you are able, provided all items in each stage are completed. Each person learns at their own pace. The maximum time allocated is 12 months or you will have to re-purchase the course for an additional 12 months.

24. Upon completion of courses, if I am not planning to set up any full time studio or business but wish to share my knowledge periodically, am I still entitled to the certification?