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Next Courses: 2-4 December 2013 SINGAPORE

If you are passionate about pole and would like to share this joy with others, then please join our upcoming instructor courses at Groove Dance School in Singapore this December.


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(Enrolment Deadline: Thurs 30 July 2015)

  • Remote Study Starts: Fri 31 July 2015.

    Remote Study Ends: Fri 21 August 2015

    Note: Please schedule 6-8 hours per week for remote study
  • Practical Exam Planning and Preparation Starts: Sat 22 August – Tues 25 August 2015

    Note: Please schedule 1-2 hours daily for practical exam planning and preparation
  • Pre-exam Skype Interview: Weds 26 August – Fri 28 August 2015

    Note: Please schedule 2 hours for skype interview
  • Practical Exam Assessment: Sat 29 August 2015, 8am-12pm

    Venue: Groove Dance @ Amara

    Note: Please allow up to 4 hours for your practical exam, assessment, and review

Basic Course Cost: USD650

(Enrolment Deadline: Thurs 30 July 2015)

  • Remote Study Starts: Fri 31 July 2015.  

    Remote Study Ends: Fri 28 August 2015

    Note: Please schedule 6-8 hours per week for remote study
  • Practical Training and Exam Preparation: Sun 30 August 2015, 8am-12pm

    Venue: Groove Dance @ Amara

    Note: Please allow up to 4 hours for your practical training and exam preparation
  • Practical Exam Planning and Assessment Deadline: Fri 30 November 2015

    Note: You will have a maximum of 3 months to complete and submit an online video your practical exam for assessment.

    Option to top up: Take a personal assessment on Sun 22 November 2015, 8am-11am in Causeway Bay (during the International Pole Championship Hong Kong 2015)

Cost: USD650 (Top up cost to have practical assessment at IPC 2015: USD150)

Basic and Intermediate Course Package: USD1200




IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses are awarded by Viva Vertical and accredited by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association and Aerial Arts Association. For an additional fee you can receive extra accreditation by Fitness Australia. What are the benefits of taking the small fee option to get extra FA accreditation? Having an IPDFA with FA certification does not guarantee employment however it does ensure that you are recognized and supported as a professional, competent and qualified instructor of Pole Dance Fitness.

All IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Instructors with or without extra FA accreditation can:


  • Be listed on the IPDFA Qualified Instructors Register for instructor profiling, center and employer resourcing
  • Receive IPDFA Membership and Newsletters for discounts, the latest industry news, special offers, member only events and initiatives
  • Get access to IPDFA resources such as resume templates, code of ethics, IPDFA Ultimate Pole Dance Fitness Guide Book, Pole Positions Book
  • Join IPDFA member-only social networking sites for career and networking opportunities
  • Achieve Continuing Education Units


Dance and fitness professionals have undertaken IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses internationally since 2008. IPDFA accredited instructors successfully teach across the board from multinational gymnasiums (such as Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, California Fitness and PURE Fitness), multipurpose venues (dance and sport venues) and as part of group and personal training programs.

IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses automatically qualifies you into our instructor membership scheme, whereby IPDFA empower you to raise your profile and demand as a Pole Dance Fitness instructor. No other courses have this network of support and can give you access to invaluable expert industry knowledge and advice.

Why you should choose IPDFA?

Student Confidence

With the IPDFA, instructors and students alike can only be insured if the associated studio and instructor has received the proper accreditation. Students will feel reassured that they are learning and practicing in a safe and controlled environment and are getting the best standard of learning from their instructors. In turn, this will enhance the value and reputation of those studios providing pole dance training and will help to encourage students to return.

World Wide Recognition

With our certification an instructor has the freedom and ability to teach with ease anywhere in the world. This means that, as an instructor, your qualifications in teaching pole will instantly be recognized and welcomed by all associations participating in pole dance. There is so much mounting demand for more and more pole dance classes in all corners of the world, so, wherever your travels may take you, you can take your pole wisdom and skills with you, to impart onto the many willing and eager individuals just waiting to be a taught by a professional!

Continuous Development

There are many activities that occur all year round for instructors to improve your expertise in teaching and also to perfect your already existing pole dancing techniques and develop them further. These events and activities will keep your competencies in check and ensure you remain at the very top of your game. The IPDFA is also responsible for organizing many member workshops and forums for our members, which are held amongst the many IPDFA member studios in various locations all around the world.

For those learning pole dance, there are also countless workshops and activities that the IPDFA will bring to your attention. This will complement your existing learning and aid in fine-tuning your pole dance skills. Taking part in IPDFA workshops and activities will help you not only learn new things, but continue to excel in that which you have learnt so far, allowing for the aptitude and capacity to learn so much more!

The IPDFA want to ensure there is assurance, support and satisfaction with any pole dancing encounters experienced by our customers.

Certified Training Providers:

  • Aerial Arts Academy- Hong Kong
  • Viva Vertical- UK and Malaysia

These certified training providers offer Pole and Aerial Fitness qualifications endorsed by the IPDFA and Aerial Arts Association, on a national and international level.

If you want to know more, please about your membership and training needs.