International Pole Dance Fitness Association

Bobbi’s Pole Studio

Sydney, Australia

Pole Dance Studio of the Year 2009 and 2010!

Bobbi’s Pole Studio was one of the first pole dancing schools in Australia. Concentrating on showgirl style pole, it was started in 2004 by Bobbi (well, you’ve heard of her right?) and Vanessa (she does the “behind the scenes” stuff).

Sydney City was the first studio (in the foyer of a massage parlour… hmmm), but with 100 students on the first day Bobbi and Ness soon had to move to a bigger place.

Their new studio was on Castlereagh St in the heart of Sydney . It was great! Pink, pretty and 15 poles (a step up from the 2 we had at the massage parlour)! A year after that, another Bobbis studio was opened in Sydney (2 floors down), two studios in Perth (by Bobbi’s sister, Kim) and then another two in Miranda (South Sydney).

In 2009 Bobbis had a huge change, it went INTERNATIONAL (Malaysia and Singapore) and moved it’s Sydney City location around the corner to Elizabeth st, – 3 huge studios on one floor, air con (YAY), toilets on the same level (it’s the little things that count) and PINK GLITTER FLOORBOARDS!

Bobbi’s organizes Miss Pole Dance Australia each year (have you heard of Felix? Candice? Allegra?) and in it’s spare time does Bobbi TV ( for a bit of a giggle.

Bobbi’s teachers are AMAZING – all teachers in the 10 studios (5 locations) are handpicked and trained by Bobbi and only teach once they are up to “Bobbi standard” . They are then let loose on the 2400 students.

We reckon Bobbi’s students are the best in the world (and maybe that’s why so many of them have opened schools in Sydney?) From the mother of 4 who hasn’t done exercise in 6 years, the stripper who wants to do pole shows, the lawyer who wants to let her hair down and get fit, the gymnast who could be the next best pole dancer in the world, and the AMAZING everyday woman who wants to have fun while getting a fabulous body, Bobbi’s is a supportive and unpretentious environment!

They love what they do and it SHOWS!