International Pole Dance Fitness Association


The International Pole Dance Fitness Association was initiated by Ania (Anna) Przeplasko (pronounced pshe plaz ko). In 2007, in response to the rapidly increasing popularity of Pole, Ania wanted to help push the emerging trend of pole as an international fitness program and take it to a level where it would be recognized seriously as a legitimate sport.

With the worldwide presence of pole dancing ever-increasing, Ania created the IPDFA as a way for better communication and accessibility on a global scale of all things pole! The IPDFA was born out of the need for a streamlined and one-stop-shop approach to pole related matters. It was formed to help arrange and classify Pole as a sport on an international platform, in both male and female divisions. Ania aspired to encourage discipline and professionalism from all members of IPDFA.

The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) was created to:

  • Promote Pole Dancing a legitimate fitness program
  • Act as supervisory body
  • Assist & Advise Studios, Events and Competitions
  • Organise the International Pole Championships (IPC) annually
  • Train and accredit instructors to the highest standards
  • Maintain an accessible record of qualified and established pole dancing studios and instructors globally

IPDFA Mission

IPDFA promises to make every endurance to serve to the pole dancing community, throughout the following mission statements:

  • The IPDFA will promote Pole Dancing as a genuine form of exercise
  • The IPDFA will create a centralized platform for pole dancing instructors and students around the world, to facilitate communication between pole dancing professionals and fans of this fitness regime
  • The IPDFA will form a global database of pole dancing studios and teachers that have been ranked and assessed. A list of pole dancing schools will be provided, together with contact information, photos and videos
  • The IPDFA will help to build a cooperative community for pole dancing professionals to share, analyse and discuss the latest pole dancing techniques
  • The IPDFA will be there to provide information and support for anyone interested in learning about pole dancing in his or her country
  • The IPDFA will facilitate an interactive forum; welcoming suggestions, comments and observations